I cooked some more!

I’ve been experimenting with alot of new recipes. There’s this guy, Chef John at Foodwishes and he is awesome. I really love alot of his recipes. Here’s some that I made this month!



Creamy Tomato Spinach Pasta

And here’s what mind looked like! Those are fried shrimps that I made to accompany the dish. I put green onions on top. I also used chunky garden tomato sauce instead of a can of tomato sauce and it  came out scrumptious!



I also made this italian sausage pasta recipe. Didn’t have arugula so I used broccoli instead and added garlic. I also used a different kind of pasta. My fiance loved it! Sorry for the crappy pictures…I don’t have a great camera!


And here’s mine!   20141101_214848

And last but not least I made bay scallops with spaghetti in a cream sauce. I followed the recipe exactly except I added broccoli to it. It really does help to keep the pan steaming hot when you drop the scallops. Before I even cooked them I let them sit in a paper towel to soak up the excess water. Wow it was awesome. Chef John is seriously a genius!!!







And here’s mine!



Cooking Obsessed!

Finally got my wedding dress and my bridesmaids got theirs too. So yay for taking care of that!

So just made some chicken and broccoli for the honey bunny today. I don’t eat meat so I didn’t get to eat it but I did sneak in a taste and boy what was that good! I got the recipe from Melissa Belanger’s totally awesome website http://www.ateaspoonofhappiness.com/chinese-chicken-and-broccoli/ and altered it just a bit. I combed thru tons of other chicken and broccoli recipes before getting to hers so I’m glad I decided to give hers a go. YAY. It makes me happy when recipes come out delicious. I’m also making banana monkey bars. I remember that recipe from years ago. Found it in one of the many cooking magazines I’m subscribed to. A bit obsessed with pictures of food. In another life I was a food photographer. No joke. Here are really bad pics of my foodies.

Chicken and Broccoli




Banana Monkey Bars




Just got on the manga train. Bought all 12 volumes of Sailor Moon and it brought me back to a obsession I had long time ago. I blazed through the whole series. SO GOOD. Also picked up a smutty series called Midnight secretary (boss is a vampire and a dick but slowly falls for his plain but oh so cute secretary!), Death Note (no explanation there), Happy Marriage (chick marries boss of company to repay debt but they slowly fall in love…), and bought Paradise Kiss but haven’t read it yet. I’m happy theres a manga shop only a car ride away so I can get all my goodies when I’m done reading. 

Still haven’t bought a wedding dress. I’m so lazy. Is it just me or does anyone else hate having to take off, put on, take off, put on clothes over and over again at a store? And then someone got me addicted to Counter Strike on the PC. Now I have that sucking up most of my late night hours. Oh the life of a nerd lol


My week as we know it

Yay it’s Friday. Not really yay because Friday is my Sunday. I work tomorrow until Tuesday. It makes me so very sad. Met up with the photographer yesterday. I glad I’m not procrastinating with this cause I am SO LAZY. And our wedding is gonna be so weird and offbeat I’m looking forward to see all the pieces come together. Haven’t found a wedding dress though. 

Supposed to be losing weight but ate a whole Dominos pizza. I am just plain nastay. Won’t be doing that again. And on top of that my tooth hurts. That’s what I deserve though. 

Currently listening to Faithfully by Journey. WHAT A SONG!

Also started Attack on Titanfall. WHY ARE YOU SO SAD? And here’s a picture of Patrick Stewart half naked cause it’s funny. 




Been Experimenting!

Just made a spin off of Gina’s recipe from her website Skinnytaste. Chipotle Lobster and Avocado wrap. SO GOOD! I forgot to take a photo of my finished product since I ate it so fast. Instead of lobster I cooked up some shrimp (olive oil and black pepper), used fat free sour cream instead of yogurt, and used a chopped boiled egg instead of avocado since I was too lazy to go out and get some. It was still super delicious!


Here the link to the recipe!