My week as we know it

Yay it’s Friday. Not really yay because Friday is my Sunday. I work tomorrow until Tuesday. It makes me so very sad. Met up with the photographer yesterday. I glad I’m not procrastinating with this cause I am SO LAZY. And our wedding is gonna be so weird and offbeat I’m looking forward to see all the pieces come together. Haven’t found a wedding dress though. 

Supposed to be losing weight but ate a whole Dominos pizza. I am just plain nastay. Won’t be doing that again. And on top of that my tooth hurts. That’s what I deserve though. 

Currently listening to Faithfully by Journey. WHAT A SONG!

Also started Attack on Titanfall. WHY ARE YOU SO SAD? And here’s a picture of Patrick Stewart half naked cause it’s funny. 




Been Experimenting!

Just made a spin off of Gina’s recipe from her website Skinnytaste. Chipotle Lobster and Avocado wrap. SO GOOD! I forgot to take a photo of my finished product since I ate it so fast. Instead of lobster I cooked up some shrimp (olive oil and black pepper), used fat free sour cream instead of yogurt, and used a chopped boiled egg instead of avocado since I was too lazy to go out and get some. It was still super delicious!


Here the link to the recipe!