Just got on the manga train. Bought all 12 volumes of Sailor Moon and it brought me back to a obsession I had long time ago. I blazed through the whole series. SO GOOD. Also picked up a smutty series called Midnight secretary (boss is a vampire and a dick but slowly falls for his plain but oh so cute secretary!), Death Note (no explanation there), Happy Marriage (chick marries boss of company to repay debt but they slowly fall in love…), and bought Paradise Kiss but haven’t read it yet. I’m happy theres a manga shop only a car ride away so I can get all my goodies when I’m done reading. 

Still haven’t bought a wedding dress. I’m so lazy. Is it just me or does anyone else hate having to take off, put on, take off, put on clothes over and over again at a store? And then someone got me addicted to Counter Strike on the PC. Now I have that sucking up most of my late night hours. Oh the life of a nerd lol

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