Cooking Obsessed!

Finally got my wedding dress and my bridesmaids got theirs too. So yay for taking care of that!

So just made some chicken and broccoli for the honey bunny today. I don’t eat meat so I didn’t get to eat it but I did sneak in a taste and boy what was that good! I got the recipe from Melissa Belanger’s totally awesome website http://www.ateaspoonofhappiness.com/chinese-chicken-and-broccoli/ and altered it just a bit. I combed thru tons of other chicken and broccoli recipes before getting to hers so I’m glad I decided to give hers a go. YAY. It makes me happy when recipes come out delicious. I’m also making banana monkey bars. I remember that recipe from years ago. Found it in one of the many cooking magazines I’m subscribed to. A bit obsessed with pictures of food. In another life I was a food photographer. No joke. Here are really bad pics of my foodies.

Chicken and Broccoli




Banana Monkey Bars