I cooked some more!

I’ve been experimenting with alot of new recipes. There’s this guy, Chef John at Foodwishes and he is awesome. I really love alot of his recipes. Here’s some that I made this month!



Creamy Tomato Spinach Pasta

And here’s what mind looked like! Those are fried shrimps that I made to accompany the dish. I put green onions on top. I also used chunky garden tomato sauce instead of a can of tomato sauce and it  came out scrumptious!



I also made this italian sausage pasta recipe. Didn’t have arugula so I used broccoli instead and added garlic. I also used a different kind of pasta. My fiance loved it! Sorry for the crappy pictures…I don’t have a great camera!


And here’s mine!   20141101_214848

And last but not least I made bay scallops with spaghetti in a cream sauce. I followed the recipe exactly except I added broccoli to it. It really does help to keep the pan steaming hot when you drop the scallops. Before I even cooked them I let them sit in a paper towel to soak up the excess water. Wow it was awesome. Chef John is seriously a genius!!!







And here’s mine!


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